About Company

Wooden Alien is an independent developer creating video games for PCs as well as Playstation, Xbox and Switch consoles. The company was established in September 2019. In October, the team entered the studio to work on the production of their first title.

Wooden Alien is a well-tuned team of experienced developers, most of whom have worked together on previous projects. The company employs nine people whose skills and expertise cover all areas required to create our projects. The team members gained their experience in companies such as CD Projekt RED, Techland, One More Level and Huuuge.

The studio creates unique video games that reflect the broad and coherent artistic vision behind the Wooden Alien brand. The company’s goal is to become a recognizable developer brand in the world of outstanding multiplatform video games. Wooden Alien games stand out with their distinctive themes, deep systems and narratives, and are designed in the studio’s trademark 2D art style. Currently, the team are working on their first product that combines it all – a game under the working title Project #1.